I’m not really sure what to write about. I mean, the weather’s been stupid: first rain/hail/wind on Sunday, snow on Monday, and now sunny mid-60′s today. I swear my immunity system is pretty much shot after all of these weather shifts. I’m realizing that I have a LOT of homework to finish by the end of the semester. And I mean A LOT OF HOMEWORK: 15 page paper for American Lit., 2 lesson plans, 3 presentations, another ~7-8 page paper for Brit. Lit. by the time I finish it, 2 GIANT novels to read in 3 weeks, some papers to revise, another 6 page paper for Poetry, and LOTS AND LOTS OF READING. I don’t even know if that covers it; that’s just all I can remember right now. On a happy note right now, Kaity the Admissions Counselor is playing Disney music right now and I just mentally sang along to Frozen, Princess and the Frog, and Monster’s Inc., so that was nice. I’m looking for summer jobs because I need money. My cousin and I are going to move into a house before summer is over, so there’s that. And I need to enroll and sign up for summer classes still. I have the mentality right now that things will get done when they get done, but at some point in the next 3 weeks my mental break down will happen. Probably when the Spring Show gets here, because that’ll be a week of BUSY BUSY BUSY. There isn’t much to do at work today, and I don’t have anything to say really, so I might just do some homework until something comes up.


-Sara :)

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Spring Weather… Winter Weather… Kansas Doesn’t Know!!

So the weather just needs to decide what it is doing!!! Just stay spring. It is April right now!! It has been spring for awhile, but apparently the weather is still having a hard time deciding. I mean this morning I woke up to snow on the ground and it be 30 degrees outside. According to my phone weather app with the windchill the real feel this morning was 13 degrees. Now in April that is just not acceptable. Last week was a teaser, it was nice all week for the most part and got my hopes up. And now were are back to bipolar weather… which is driving my allergies absolutely nuts. I think the only thing keeping me from getting sick is me running around so much my body has literally no time to realize it is sick. I also put away all my winter clothes a couple weekends ago so I can take them home over Easter break. This morning I had to rummage through my clothes to find a heavy jacket. So crazy!!!

On a happy note: Easter break is this weekend and I get to go home and spend time with my boyfriend and family :)

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Time to Find a Corner

The time has arrived where the mental breakdowns begin! There’s only a MONTH left until graduation and my to do list for the rest of the semester is ridiculous! I have no idea where I’m going to find the time to complete everything on the list. I have paper upon portfolios upon presentations upon tests upon projects…and all of this is on top of my daily assignments and readings, work, training, my coop, and SPRING SHOW!! We are buckling down into the full swing of spring show, going at more than 90 mph with learning materials. There are so many dances this year that we have to learn on top of the music, and I actually have more than a one liner in this show so add that to the pile. If that’s not bad enough I should be set in my plans for after graduation and I”M NOT!! There’s so much on my list that I just can’t get past the stress, therefore I can’t focus and the stress just increases.

I guess it’s time to lock myself in my room with the boyfriend and buckle down on homework. He’s definitely going to be my rock during this next month…that’s if I don’t run him off when I start going mad. So if you guys see me half way through the month and I have no hair, you will know it’s because I pulled it all out while going insane. This page long to do list is too intimidating I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m just going to go and stare at it and cry for the next month.

My goal=make it to graduation in one piece and with some sanity left.


P.S. why do I pile so much on?? Why do I do this to myself!!!???

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The Month of Presentations……

The school year is winding down, and like every year the last month or so is sheer craziness. Usually for me this sheer craziness consist papers, papers, and more papers. That is what happens when you take three English classes at a time. However, for the firs semester in forever…. I only had one English class!!! Crazy!!! This was my first official semester of the Education program here at Newman. (Which is amazing by the way) So of course I should of expected this… presentations. We have to present everyday as a teacher, but so far this semester I have avoided any major presentations. Now it has come..the month of presentations… and not just in my Education classes. My presentation are as follows: Good Vibration class (presentation over an instrument. mine is the clarinet), my service class (relating our service to different leadership traits), Instructional Planning (we are presenting a lesson), and Educational Psychology (where we are presenting over a theorist). So a lot is happening in these last few weeks of school!!! And now back to work!!


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One More Month?!?!?!?!?!


While school technically ends the 9th of May, my last class session is May 6th! I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE MONTH LEFT! While I am excited for the summer to get here, I am also starting to feel the stress of the end of the semester.

I have quite a bit of homework to last me a lifetime! Every subject of mine has some sort of paper/project due by the end of the semester. Plus, being an English major, I still have about 3 more novels to finish. I seriously want a larger planner, because I cannot fit all of my due assignments into the margins of my current agenda.

Looking at my planner makes me want to cry sometimes, but I keep truckin’ through because I like the feeling of crossing something off in my agenda that gets completed. Also, my boyfriend likes to have homework dates in which we just do homework together. This may sound boring, but spending 5 hours on homework with someone else  makes me more accountable to do something other than watch Frozen and eat Fig Newtons all night.

Of course, I’ll be taking a couple classes in the summer (just like every other summer since I’ve been in college). I like to stay busy I suppose. On that note, I’ll have 23 credit hours next semester (don’t worry, some are easy credits that’ll take a couple weeks of my time total), and my last semester of college will be 15 credit hours! CAN I GET AN AMEN!?

Til then, I’m going to keep continuing my pursuits of procrastination by waiting until the last month to do everything!


-Sara :D

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Swing Dancing and Acceptance into the Teaching Program!

One of the more recent perks of being a Newman student is our Swing Dancing club.  It is open to anyone in the Newman Community and is a fun way to learn anything ranging from line dances to actual swing dancing moves.  Our group was able to try out what we learned last Friday at club rodeo and everyone had a blast!

Following my swing dancing fun last week, my classes have kept me busy ranging anywhere from papers to tests to presentations.  However, I did learn the fun fact that Romans were the first civilization to use passive solar energy.  It seems that we have been trying to find ways to use the sun for years!

After this very busy last week of homework, I am glad to say all of my hard work has paid off because I am officially part of Newman’s Teaching Program.  I am very excited to take more classes that give me hands on experience with children and impacting their lives.  Hopefully in two more years, I will have a job lined up and feel ready to take on my next chapter in life.

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Spring Break Craziness

Well I have officially finished my last Spring Break as an undergraduate. It’s depressing almost because now there’s no more Spring Breaks. Anyway, I’m glad it ended on a great note. I went back home to Texas with the boyfriend and he got to meet the family. He did really well I might add. We brought home a lot of homework that we were planning on completing but that never actually happened. Instead we had a week full of packed events.

Saturday–we went out to the store with my parents, watched my mom garden in the rain, and then went to see the musical “We Will Rock You” which is based on the music of Queen obviously. It was AMAZING! Absolutely fantastic!

Sunday–went to church and then watched tv as a family and talked

Monday–Josh and I drove around Texas so I could show him a lot of things. We hit 2 different comic stores!

Tuesday–went out around town with my dad

Wednesday–It was new comic book day so we went to more comic stores and then attempted to do homework but weren’t very successful as I was trying to catch up on a lot of my shows

Thursday–spent the majority of the day with my sister walking around Dallas, went to the Sixth Floor Depository and learned a lot about JFK.

Friday–went to SIX FLAGS! He was like a little kid so it was very entertaining. We rode a ton of roller coasters and met Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. We also met a family from Wichita and saw a fellow Newman student. Small world! Then we hopped in my parents’ new hot tub for the first time for a relaxing evening.

Saturday–Went out with my sister again and went Frys Electronics and an outdoor mall…where we found another comic store haha

So as you can see it was a very busy Spring Break, but also relaxing! It’s just too bad that it’s my last one. But one other plus to the week is that I got to come back up to school with a new car! Well due to my busy fun week I’m now in frantic mood trying to catch up on all the homework I didn’t do! There’s only a month and a half until GRADUATION!! This is insane! I’m not ready for this!



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IT’S FINALLY HERE after a very interesting week!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Spring Break has finally begun!! After many weeks full of papers, projects, exams, and performances, we finally have a full week to breathe! While some people get the opportunity to travel to crazy awesome places or to go home many miles away, I will be nice and cozy here in Wichita catching up on my sleep. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even nap outside seeing as how it’s supposed to be fairly nice most of the week. Wanna know why I’m so excited to do nothing? Here’s a recap of my week…

I started it off with some Residence Life interviews with my Residence Life Coordinator and some prospective RAs. That was soon followed by Health and Safety checks throughout Beatta Hall. This is the nit and grit of being an RA, and it’s not even that tricky. Being an RA is one of the greatest decisions I’ve made while at Newman. The next day we had the Campus Ministry blood drive in the Gorges Atrium. I hadn’t ever given blood before, so I decided to buck up and try it. Everything was wonderful. I volunteered for an hour first and thought I had eaten enough and had enough water for the day. Apparently, I was wrong. The nurses were wonderful and very personable, and it didn’t even hurt, but I was a tad bit dehydrated, and I blacked out hard core. Because I was dehydrated, I clotted up before they could get the right amount, so I didn’t even get to save a life. It was super frustrating!

Tests and papers followed that event as I stressed myself out before break. Then, on Thursday, I got to unwind with a residence life event. We tie dyed 20 tshirts, and some residents made really awesome designs. Up until now, I’ve always been awful at tie dye, but the spiral thingy finally worked for me. I was pumped, and I’m so ready to show off my tie dye! My crazy week ended with a blocking rehearsal in Chorale and Troubadours and two tours given to prospective students. Like I said, I am so ready for this break! See you on the 24th Newman!!


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Just a Funny Story


I don’t have an exciting life other than school, work, homework, and working out, so I am going to share a funny story that happened the other day. My boyfriend was driving us back to Wichita from OKC (he had to get his new car, which is shiny and fancy). I got bored, and started playing The Sims 3 on the computer. That game is addictive! Well, the girl I created is an athletic type, so she loves to work out. So, I get her out of bed to do a morning workout in front of the TV. Probably bored, my boyfriend asks what I was doing, so I told him that I am working out. Just thought it was funny due to the fact that I was sitting in the car with my iced tea, had just eaten, and basically was being a lazy passenger. I then proceeded to think about how much time I waste playing a virtual life when I could be living my real life. While The Sims is a great stress reliever from my actual life, I think I’ll stick to living my life first.


-Sara :D

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Spring Break Around the Corner

My past week has been filled many Lent activities.  Tuesday night, Haley Hungate hosted an awesome Mardi Gras party for all students to enjoy.  Then on Wednesday, Father Linnebur began the Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday mass and adoration

With my Thursday classes officially ending, my weekend can start.  This week has been spent studying for midterms, but feel confident that they went well. I plan to find plenty of time to relax and finally finish reading my book, Prophecy of the Sisters. Also, after next week, Spring Break will finally begin.  Hopefully, this also means plenty of sunshine and time with friends.

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