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Wow, what a week it has been. Here’s a run-down:

I found out that I’m going to be inheriting a car soon! YEAH! I really, really hate feeling trapped on campus. I had a car last year until a semi made friends with it (not advisable), and it ended up totalled… That was somewhere around August 20th this year. I I also got a haircut - it’s so short now! It’s above my shoulders, at just about chin-length. I love it!

Then I had two papers and two powerpoint presentations, pretty much back to back. It was intense. I went to WSU’s library with a couple other honors program kids for our honors class in order to get access to stuff (pointless, in my opinion, because Newman is already connected there through interlibrary loan). I also spoke at mass about RCIA (Rites of Catholic Iniciation for Adults) and I was SOOOO nervous, but I think I did well.  

A friend came to visit from seminary. He did us all the courtesy of announcing his visit before arriving on our doorstep (note sarcasm), so I nearly missed him. I was very excited to hear his stories. I’ll have to write a letter later.

Today I’m giving a tour with Pancho to the new board members. I’m so excited! I’m also nervous because I want to do a really good job. Tomorrow I’m going to play Super Smash Bros as a residence hall event, and maybe even go out dancing. The weekend awaits!


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2 Responses to [Catchy Title]

  1. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to see your hair cut!

  2. I was drawn when I heard the august 20th part.. that’s my birthday! but seems like it wasn’t a good day for you. *sigh* good that you loved your hair, there are times you are disappointed and misses your long hair but good for you. you don’t! :)

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