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What an exhausting week! I feel like I’ve done a lot and at the same time accomplished nothing. Either way, I’m beat. Here’s the run-down for the week: I had my first test, made several presentations, played cars, talked theology, and met a visiting professor, Georgia Tsouvala, from Greece. Last night, I went to good old Denim and Diamonds and had a roaring good time two-stepping with people in various states of intoxication while maintaining myself completely sober. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a number from the cutie from Hutch (he had an accent!) because my friends pulled me away demanding that we leave immediately. I hope he’ll be at D and D’s next week! I also discovered I won’t be getting a car until late October, but will be going home this weekend anyway to see the family and watch my brother play football (Did I mention he’s the #1 kicker in the NAIA? No? He is :D ). I’m excited to go to Kansas City even if I am making the entire round trip by bus. It will be worth it.

Story Time: I was chatting with a former ambassador, Brock, and we hit on the topic of how awesome it is when people you gave a tour to become Newman students. We both agree that it’s the most amazing part of the position. It’s so incredibly satisfying to see your familiar faces on campus again! I always feel like I’ve made a difference (hopefully a big impact) whenever I see freshmen that I toured at some point on campus. I may spend most of my time as an ambassador in the office making folders, stuffing envelopes, and writing post cards, but really, it’s the tours that make it all worth it. Thanks for being great, you guys!

Until next week!


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3 Responses to Whew!

  1. Rca says:

    Looks like you’ve had a pretty busy week, make sure you reset yourself this weekend, and come back with enaugh strengths.

  2. sure thing. you had fun. and it was a busy one. want to ask one question… seen Hutch again? ^___^


  3. smart pens says:

    What a busy week!!! You need rest.

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