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Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the start of another week! Wow it’s already October, I can’t even believe it! I love this month. It’s the start of fall, my favorite season, and to top it all off it ends with one my favorite holidays. Halloween!!! I need to get started on my costume! I’ll have to have my mom help me out with that when I go home Saturday night lol. Oh yeah my sister Alice and I are going home for the first time this semester on Saturday. I can’t believe we haven’t seen our parents and little sisters for my than two months! It’ll be great to get to see them, wish it could be for more than two days though.

So this week is pink week for breast cancer awareness and I’m really excited that all the sports will be in support by wearing pink at their home games this week. Volleyball has three home games this week, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and then Saturday at noon. I really hope to see you all there wearing pink! Have a great week everyone!


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2 Responses to Pink Week :)

  1. Jessica says:

    I am putting Saturday in my calendar right now to come watch the team!! Best of luck!

  2. Looks like you love your family so much. That’s good to hear. Maintain the close relationship :)

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