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Hey Y’all

I have incredibly exciting news! I just got hired as a new (work-study) member of the admissions staff. I’ll be inputting your data for records and stuff. Sweet! I’m super excited.

I also gave a tour to a group of priests from the diocese of Dodge City (including the bishop!). They were wonderful tourees and I really enjoyed showing them around.

In other news: It’s time for family weekend! Hurrah! There will be lots of events on campus this weekend, like Pancake Breakfast, Soccer Tailgate, and, of course, a Sloppy Joe’s Improv Show. Fantastic!

I don’t really have much else to talk about this week. I have a cold and my head is kind of stuffed up, which sucks, but it’s better now than later because the choir show is coming up. Yes: CHOIR SHOW! On the 30th of October, in the Chapel. I’ll keep you posted.


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2 Responses to Taking Care of Business!

  1. smart pens says:

    congratulations!!! Have fun!

  2. everything sounds fun! how was your family weekend? I it was great. And nice one.. you had like a part-time job.

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