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What an eventful week! Wow!

This Sunday was the fall concert for choir. Singing is my one true love, even above biology, and there is nothing that brings me greater pleasure than being able to put on a fantastic performance for all my precious people. I must say, I was worried for a while that the choir wasn’t going to pull this one together, but in the end, it was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. My parents came down from KC to see me and we had lunch together. My choir director also gave me a great compliment! She said I had wonderful facial expressions, as always, and it really made my day because individual praise isn’t something that she doles out very often.

 The concert was even on the news! Channel 3 got lost and their reporters stumbled upon the chapel while we were singing. It was pretty cool. Today we performed at the sister’s chapel, in the convent here on campus. We always perform for them separately, because not all of the sisters are mobile enough to make it across campus. It’s a great way to give back and thank them for sponsoring our university. I love visiting the sisters! They are the sweetest and kindest people, and they always lavish praises on us. It brings joy to everyone, choir and sisters alike, to perform for them.

Tonight I’m going to watch the improv show here on campus and then go dancing for the first time in almost a month! I couldn’t be more excited. I love to dance! It seems like there will be a pretty big crowd, and there will be guys who are both able to dance and not shy. I can’t wait!


PS I bought carnations and a vase for my pod in Beata. It’s a beautiful thing to have in the living room. I love fresh flowers!

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2 Responses to Music and Flowers and Dancing

  1. Jeff Baker, KNC '83 says:

    I have fond memories of singing in Chorale in the (Ulp!) early 1980′s. Glad you’rde having fun!

  2. wow singing with the choir. I love that too!

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