The Wonders of Carbon Dioxide

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Tired. I am so tired that the first time I typed out “tired” today, I wrote “tires”. The year is beginning to take its toll, but it is worth it. Apart from all my science classes demanding that I study for their tests, I also have theatre to add to my plate. Despite the loads of stuff I have to do, theatre functions as a sort of relief, an escape from the “real” world. It is always important do something you love in your day-to-day life; for me, I love to perform. Newman definitely helps me out in my performance abilities.

I am on the Sloppy Joe Improv troupe. This has helped my acting and performing abilities immensely. I am super excited for the improv regional in January. The troupe has been drilling improv to prepare for the event; its gonna be a blast!

In addition to improv, I am also dabbling in music. I never really sang much in high school and I was not really confident in my voice. During my freshman year I made a lot of friends who were also in choir. They eventually convinced me to join the Newman Chorale. I have a blast in the choir; the choir is like one big family and I love it. Newman also offers voice lesson. I take advantage of this as well. Singing has become a very fantastic way for me to relieve stress and bring some extra happiness to my life.

Finally, the Newman theatre program is back with a vengeance. I am a theatre minor here at Newman. I am also the lead role in our fall production Lend Me A Tenor. This is the largest role I have had in any production and it is a lot of work, but it is a welcomed break from Organic Chemistry. The character I portray goes through a transformation that eventually makes him much more confident in himself. By acting as this character, I have picked up a little bit of that dynamic confidence.

Performance has done so much to make my life fantastic. It has taught me to role with the punches like a scene in improv. I have also picked up a few friends and some confidence along the way. Singing is great for me to relieve stress and with each note I sing out I rid my body of carbon dioxide. The plants in my room then use it to make glucose through photosynthesis.

Sorry for the little science blip, but I am still a science student. I just cannot help it sometimes.

May your lives be bueno,
Francisco “Pancho” Fields

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2 Responses to The Wonders of Carbon Dioxide

  1. Jeff Baker, KNC '83 says:

    I’ve been surprised over the years to find out that my own performing did me some good. I am a fearless public speaker for example* which has come in handy on occasion! Hope you’re enjoying yourself!

    *footnote: In spite of that, I do shut up now and then!

  2. Emma Watson says:

    Ohhh Panch. You crack me up.

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