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Remember that schedule I posted last week? Yeah. Plans fall apart realllllly well.

I have my history paper almost done, and it will be for sure completed tonight. After that, I’m going to work on Greek homework. It will for sure be done by tomorrow evening. My English rough draft has been started but that’s about it. I haven’t so much as looked at my Am Lit essays yet – yes, essays, because I had a take-home essay final sprung on me, AND I still have that darn creative project to work on. I have so much left to do and it stressed me out just to think about the whole ordeal.

Next semester I’m taking a hopefully less stressful courseload, because I called my mom and she convinced me to take 15 hours. The catch is, 11 of those hours are science. On the flip side, I like science a lot and I won’t be taking any writing/reading intensive classes. I wish I could be in choir, but I don’t have time for the spring show.

This semester has worked me to the bone and I’m glad it’s almost over. The insanity will end soon! I only have about a week left and then it’s smooth sailing for a month.


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