Shakespeare and the Afternoon Coffee

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I sit here at this computer and I realize that my energy is low. It would be marvelous to have a delicious cup of coffee right now, in the middle of the afternoon. I can’t help but wonder: What  happened to all my energy today?
Perhaps I lost all my energy while reciting my monologue in my Advanced Acting class this morning. Wait, scratch that….I performed my monologue this morning. I didth performeth my monologue with the intensity of a plethora of red-hot suns! Puck, the mischievous trickster fairy, from Shakespeare’s
A Midsummer Nights Dream  was the character that took control of me in class today. It was a successful performance, but my teacher had one thing to say: “Let the character motivate you and live off of that character’s energy!” It is so true. In order to completely succeed, in anything I want to do, I must devote all my energy into succeeding! So, in order to ace my Genetics test tomorrow, I must study my butt off! I need not completely drain myself while doing so, because, if I enjoy what I am doing, then the reward of a good grade or perfect characterization will give me the energy to do it all again the next day! So, the moral of my day is to work hard and give yourself to what you love, whether that be theatre, biology, sports, or anything, because in the end that sense of accomplishment and success will drive you to keep going no matter how hard you have to work. Not to mention, that going that extra mile justifies that afternoon cup of joe!
May your lives be bueno,
Francisco “Pancho” Fields
P.S. There is a Sloppy Joe Improv show tomorrow here at Newman in the Jabara Black Box Theatre at 7 pm! Be there! Its gonna be awesome!

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  1. Rose Drummer says:

    yep, a midsummer night dream is definitely one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces! Removals and Storage

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