An Exciting “Bored” Meeting

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John Henry Cardinal Newman is the namesake of our University. This last week was devoted to him. There have been a lot of events going on around campus. Newman University’s Board of Trustees have also been sighted around campus. The Board was going through a round of meetings or Board Meetings. Now, these meeting are called “Bored” Meetings for a reason: what is a good remedy for boredom? Improv is a perfect antidote for boredom. It was an honor to perform improv for the Board. I believe that they really enjoyed it. We played Variation on a Fairytale. The fairytale we presented was Rumpelstiltskin in the forms of Shakespeare and Rap. The troupe then got to eat lunch with the Board. It was a great morning, but tonight will be even better! Tonight the Sloppy Joes will be performing our last show in the Jabara Black Box Theatre for the year. So come out and support us at 7 pm tonight! It should be a fantastic time!
May all your days be bueno!
Pancho Fields

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  1. fashion says:

    I personally loved the cream colored 3 piece suit!

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