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Hello everyone! Sorry that it has been a minute since I posted on here. So much has been going on lately that I have barely had time to think about anything. I have two jobs outside of school, plus two jobs at school, and actual school!! So it has been crazy busy.

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the sports teams that have been doing great! Men’s basketball is on the road to Laredo, TX to compete in the conference tournament. Women’s basketball won tournament for the second year straight and NU will be hosting their tournament! Good luck to both teams!!

Baseball won another series last weekend in Laredo, TX, and senior pitcher Brandon Droge was named Pitcher of the Week two weeks in a row! Congrats and good job!

Bowling won one of the biggest tournaments they have. They beat WSU! Women’s tennis is currently 4-0 in the spring season! Softball travels to Arkansas this weekend and baseball plays here at Newman! With so many talented athletes and teams on campus, I have really been enjoying writing my sports page for the Vantage!

I also have good news to share with all of you! I have been offered an internship in sports writing this summer in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am so excited! I have made friends with a couple of the other people there already and they are absolutely delightful! I just do not know how I am going to fit 6 weeks of clothes and shoes into 2 suitcases for the airplane!! Wish me luck!

Other than that, I am just working and doing homework for all of my classes..and waiting for the season finale of the Bachelor. Yes, I am that girl.

I hope everyone has a great week! Remember to stay classy and check out the new issue of Vantage tomorrow!



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