Tornado season wuddup

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Well for anyone that missed it…100 tornados touched down in Kansas this weekend. So it was a somewhat uneventful and boring weekend.

On the bright side I got to see all sorts of my friends play in tennis, softball, and baseball this weekend! I only get to see some of them play for a couple more weekends! All of the teams did very well! Baseball won their series! Congrats!

I have a lot to do this week. Psych test, ten page psych paper, bio lab, vantage stories, and a story for my internship!! Dah!

Everyone have a great week!

Keep it classy y’all


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One Response to Tornado season wuddup

  1. sarah says:

    That’s a horrifying news.
    Too bad to know about it. Why does it have to be that much?
    Well, I am really sorry to hear that. I hope everyone are well.

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