Decisions, decisions…

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“Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.” - Mark Twain

Well everyone, I have changed my major for the third time. People warned me that this would happen. I have had to make a lot of really hard choices in order to reach my verdict…I will be a radiology technician and then possibly get my masters in Health Administration.

As Mark Twain says, we make bad decisions to gain experience. I will admit that I have made a lot of bad choices throughout my years. These choices have really formed me though, and now I am very confident in my major choice. Psychology and communications are both AWESOME career paths, but I know that I will definitely want stabilty in a job and I believe that something in the health field will bring the stability and the paycheck that I want! (Yes, I may have a little shopping addiction, don’t judge)

For anyone considering switching majors or making any life decision just think it through. Make a pros and cons list. But most importantly be true to yourself. Your experiences will lead you in the right direction.

Now to study for finals!

Keep it classy y’all!


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2 Responses to Decisions, decisions…

  1. Mariel says:

    “Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.” Its the first time, I’ve seen this quote from Mark Twain. I indeed agreed, its totally a fact , and also with what you’ve shared with your experiences. Thanks for this post, really inspirational.

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  2. jocuri says:

    That`s true, is difficult to make a decision in your life. This year I graduated from medical university. Now I have to choose a specialization and is a very hard decision for me, but in the end I hope I`ll make the right choice…

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