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Hi, Howdy, and Hello! My name is Brittany Griggs, I am a junior here at the good ole NU. I chose to attend Newman University to major in Nursing and be part of their amazing BSN program. I am also one of the team captians of the Newman Dance/Cheer squad as part of enhancing my college eduacation and love it! I love meeting new people, and can't wait to meet you.

Everything happens for a reason

“There is no journey gone so far, so far we cannot stop and change direction. No doom is written in the stars” -the musical Children of Eden. It is funny how hard you work towards something and you end up … Continue reading

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Whats on a college students mind…

It is kind of funny how life as college student turns into a life of routine. I for one am not a fan of routine, so this is becoming quite irritating for me. We wake up eat breakfast, study, go … Continue reading

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Oh how humorous “the man upstairs” can be

First off, Welcome back everyone the spring semester has officially began. I must admit I have missed seeing all the awesome Newman people around. I have had so many wonderful talks with random people when walking to class or back to … Continue reading

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Nap time, don’t mind if i do…

Why is it when we were younger, we’d fight our parents constantly when they would attempt to make us take naps. Being a junior this year, as a college student, i have learned to cherish and LOVE my naps (i will be taking … Continue reading

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Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…

Well hello everyone! It has been awhile, I hope everybody is having a blessed and fantastic holiday season, thus far. I for one truly enjoy this time a year, I especially love spending time with my wonderful room mates, and sister … Continue reading

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Man oh man is it getting cold outside…

   Well, first “real” cold day of the year, have to say i am not too incredibly thrilled about it, but i shall stay positive, because i do enjoy drinking hot tea, chai lattes, and wearing my boots.    Midterms are … Continue reading

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Well, I have now accomplished working my First ever NU/Senior Day. It was nice to see all the new faces on campus and be part of their experience. I was a little nervous at first, but i think it went … Continue reading

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ohh la la

Hi, howdy, and hello! Well it is finally the weekend after a long and stressful week of classes, and many hours spent on studying. This weekend I will be heading back home to Tulsa Oklahoma, to spend time with my family and … Continue reading

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What a week and it is Only wednesday

Well, this week has seemed like the longest week yet, only on monday i was already thinking it was thursday, oh how nice that would have been. Today i have my first Microbiology exam, which i feel pretty confident about it, … Continue reading

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Dance/Cheer Team 2011-2012 here we go!

Hello to all, I hope you all are “enjoying” this weather….because I had a little chat with the Man upstairs and asked him to make it go away, sorry to all of those who sincerely find it “marvelous”. Now down to business, to … Continue reading

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